Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) equips students with a number of important life skills. These include an ability to communicate clearly, an ability to think critically and creatively, an ability to solve problems across a wide range of domains, and general leadership abilities.
What makes the Victoria Bachelor of Arts degree distinctive is its strong emphasis on the humanities, creative arts, languages and social sciences, its flexible structure, and its broad range of opportunities for exploring a variety of disciplines.
The humanities include subjects where we explore what it means to be human; for example, languages, History, English Literature, Media Studies, Film, Theatre and Music. Social sciences include subjects where we explore how humans interact with each other, such as Cultural Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology.

Career Opportunities

BA graduates are employed in almost every part of the workforce, both in jobs relating to their specialty subject and by employers who value their analytical and communication skills. Policy analyst, journalist, teacher, translator, diplomat, artist, market researcher, social worker, librarian, criminologist, aid worker... a BA is suited to hundreds of careers.

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